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Veil Length Guide

45"-The Fingertip Length

This length hits exactly as described…the end of the veil should hit at your fingertips. This is a universally flattering veil length and there is zero worry of someone tripping over your veil on the big day, because it is up and out of the way. This works with wedding gowns at tea-length and longer and all styles. This also works for all formalities as this is a universal, classic look. If you are planning a casual wedding, this is the most appropriate length choice, by far, as it still showcases you as a bride, but doesn’t go over the top in dramatics.

58"-Waltz Length

The length, also known as Ballet Length, is as pretty as its name and usually ends somewhere between your calf and ankle. This is another great choice to give you the freedom of movement as it shouldn’t touch the ground and very appropriate in all settings. This veil works for gowns that are floor length and longer and choosing this length will help accentuate waist and bodice details on your dress, so if you want the focus of your gown to be in these areas, this is the length for you, as the veil pulls the eyes focus to those areas. Dresses with detailed hem lines should avoid this length as patterns are sure to overlap and distract from the beauty of the dress and the veil.

90"-Chapel Length

This is a slightly formal, traditional look that says, “I am a bride!”. This length should end past your hem line or the train of your dress by about 6”-12”, so this is only appropriate for longer dresses. This veil is perfect for a more elaborate gown as it provides a beautiful frame around you and your dress as a whole. If you have a simpler dress, this is also a perfect choice and a more elaborate trimmed veil will work perfectly…remember to think “frame me” when choosing this length and veil style. If you are having an outdoor wedding but you still desire a longer veil, this is an appropriate choice for you, but take into consideration your walk-path and weather (aka wind) if you choose this length and are going outdoors.

120"-Cathedral Length

If you are looking for a formal look, a Cathedral veil is a must have. Cathedral length veils should only be worn with semi-cathedral or cathedral length gowns and they should extend past the train of the dress so the dress can be fully seen. This length is by far the most traditional look of a longer veil. This is perfect for indoors and if your outdoor venue calls for something more formal, this is a perfect choice. Another perk of a Cathedral length veil is it is stunning for photo shoots, so if you want your bridal portraits done in a veil that is sure to wow, the Cathedral length is stunning and give you lots of options for photos.

157"-Royal Cathedral Length

This veil has it in the name…royal! At a little over 13’ this veil is DRAMATIC! Royal Cathedral veils are considered extremely formal and should be reserved for weddings with that tone. The other thing to consider is the length of your aisle and the space at your altar area. If you don’t have a long way to go down the aisle or you don’t have enough depth at your altar, the veil could be into the guest seating behind you and you don’t want anyone to walk on it should they need to excuse themselves during the ceremony. If you have lots of stairs leading up to the altar this is a huge perk because this veil will fill the stairs behind you and be on display for everyone to see. As for your wedding gown, this veil works for cathedral length style dresses and preferably longer. Any dress that is shorter in length will look very unbalanced.

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