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Veil Colors Guide

At Laviamor, we offer three veil colors for our handmade veils. You can order samples of any of these three shades in our Swatch Service section. Click Order Veil Samples to purchase.

Pro Tip: The majority of today’s dresses are a pale ivory shade, even so pale that a bride could mistake the color for white. A white veil next to an ivory dress is a big faux pas as the white veil would appear to be beaming next to the softer ivory shade. The best way to test if your dress is white or ivory if you are unsure is to get a blank piece of white copy paper and if your dress is true white, it will match perfectly. If there are any ivory hints in your dress, the white paper will be very noticeable. And to ease your mind completely, click Order Veil Samples to purchase a sample kit to eliminate any confusion.


Our White is a true white, free of any tinting or color mix. If your dress is listed as White, Bright White, or Diamond White, this is the closest match to our White color. This color is the least selected as most wedding gowns are not true white anymore.


Our Ivory is a perfect light ivory shade that matches almost all pale ivory dresses. If your dress is listed as Ivory or Eggshell, chances are our Ivory will match. 90% of all of our veils are made in this shade and is by far the most popular color selection.


Our Beige is a creamy shade that would be best suited for dresses that are obviously ivory or darker. This shade also works with more defined ivory shades such as Pearl, Light Gold, and Champagne.

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