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When selecting your wedding veil there are several factors to consider to make sure you get the best overall look. The first rule is your veil shouldn’t distract from your dress, but rather compliment it…just like jewelry.

   Factors to consider:

Your height : measuring before you buy will help you get a realistic view of the size of the veil. For example, a fingertip length veil works best on taller women as it will end lower on a shorter woman’s frame causing her to look shorter.

The length of your wedding gown : longer dresses typically call for longer veils and shorter dresses need shorter veils. Making sure the ratio of your veil and dress length is balanced to give you the best look.

The height of your shoes : flats vs. 6” heels can dramatically change where your veil will land, so make sure to take them into consideration when measuring.

Your hair style : how you will wear your hair and where you want to place the veil in your hair will make a difference and is something to consider before buying.

Your venue : whether you are indoors or outside in nature for your big day, this should be considered. Your walk path, where you will stand for the ceremony, and even elements like wind can help you decide if a dramatically long veil will fit in.

Your formality level : if your big day is going to be casual, opting for a shorter veil will fall in line with the look and feel you are creating, just as getting married in a church with a very long aisle and lots of steps calls for something more dramatic. If guests are expected in black-tie or khakis, you looking the part will help to make everything appear seamless.

To get an idea of length sizing, have a friend assist you in front of a full-length mirror and if possible, wear your gown and wedding shoes (or shoes with the same heel height). Use a long string (or tape measure) on your head where you plan to wear your veil and run the string down your back. Mark where you may want your veil to end and then take note of the measurement or measure the string length. Use the length that is closest to the standard measurements Laviamor offers to find the perfect veil. If there is a specific length you are wanting, you can contact them to make you a custom length veil as well.

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