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At Laviamor we package our veils flat and in their own bag. Take extreme care when opening your package so you don’t accidentally cut into the veil inside. Upon opening, carefully take the veil out of the bag and hang it up allowing as much length to hang as possible, but not drag on the floor. White plastic hangers are recommended as they provide a wider bar for the veil to rest upon. Longer veils can be hung on multiple hangers creating a swag effect to keep them long and in a vertical orientation. Store your veil in a dark place away from the sun.

To remove any wrinkles, we advise using a dry-cleaning service to professionally press the veil. Do not use a steamer or iron as this may be too hot and could melt the tulle. If you want to relax the wrinkles at home, the best way to do this is to fully hang the veil in the bathroom (not in the shower itself). Make sure the floor is clean and the veil is fully spread out. Turn the shower on as hot as possible and close the door. The steam from the shower will relax the wrinkles. Do this for about 10-15 minutes and check on the veil…at this point you can hand smooth any wrinkles that remain. Once you feel the wrinkles are gone, turn off the water, open the bathroom door and let the veil continue to hang for a few hours to make sure any moisture is completely gone within the veil.

For any cleaning needs, please use a dry-cleaning service.

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