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At Laviamor we offer many different types of lace in three shades, white, ivory, and beige.

   Beaded Lace:

Application lace is set into a scalloped edge and subtle iridescent sequins are perfectly placed on the lace catch the light beautifully and they add just a hint of sparkle. There are two shapes of sewn pearls (round and rice) on the lace to add sophistication, glamour, and luxury. The embroidery of the lace is packed with details, yet it looks so feminine and dainty. It is heirloom quality and crafted to perfection. All of these beautiful details shape delicate flower blossoms of varying sizes and subtle vine patterns complete the look. Each detail is specifically placed to accent the overall look of this stunning lace.

   Alençon Lace:

Alençon lace is often referred to as “The Queen of Lace” was first crafted in Alençon, France in the late 1600’s. This lace is placed on a background of very fine hexagonal mesh and the design itself is a very detailed needlepoint pattern with portions of the design outlined in cordonnet, which is a very fine cording. The amount of work and detail in this lace make is truly spectacular and highly detailed and the soft scallops add a romantic feel. NOTE: THIS LACE NAME IS MISSPELLED ON YOUR PICTURE!

   Applique Lace:

This beautiful French applique lace has the most beautiful sheen, as if it is being lit from within, and it is so charming and feminine. Applique lace refers to decorative patterns that are mounted to an existing open work fabric, such as tulle or netting. This applique design is formed into the most delicate blossom and botanical shapes and has a sophisticated, romantic look.

   Venice Lace:

Our Venice Lace is a needle lace that was first crafted in Italy in the 17th century. This delicate lace edging is just the right touch to add a bit of romance and elegance and the soft scallops further help soften and romanticize the overall look. Even though it is smaller in design, it is packed with details and drapes beautifully.

   Chantilly Lace:

Chantilly lace is probably the best know type of lace that’s out there because it is so loved for its abundant detail! This bobbin lace was named after Chantilly, France, and is a traditional lace that originated in the 17th century. This Chantilly lace has a beautiful, subtle floral pattern that is packed with details. The defining point of Chantilly lace is the pattern is outlined in cordonnet, a very thin, luxurious cord…this helps enhance the patterns in the lace and add a level of depth to the lace. The scalloped edging is also filled with tiny details and the edge features an eyelash trim. This Chantilly lace features a variety of stitch work and patterning and it all comes together in one glorious composition!

   Silk Ribbon Trim:

Our silk ribbon trim is made with a delicate silk thread and \ is so soft and has a slight sheen that isn’t distracting, but defining. This trim is used to define the edge of the veil and helps the veil shape and cascade beautifully when worn.

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